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ANGLE Token Explained: Voting Power, Incentives, and Benefits

4 min read - by Noé Caporal

ANGLE is the governance token of the Angle DAO. It empowers its holders to shape the Protocol's future through proposals, and voting. Beyond voting power, ANGLE utility tokens are distributed as an incentive to Angle’s stablecoins users. Holders of veANGLE — the locked version of ANGLE — also occasionally receive tokens held by the Protocol.
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The ANGLE utility token stands as the cornerstone of the Angle Protocol with three main functions:

  • granting voting rights to the Angle DAO’s participants
  • serving as an incentive for Angle’s stablecoin users
  • facilitating the distribution of tokens held by the Protocol

The decision-making token of the Angle DAO

Angle is a decentralized Protocol governed by a DAO, whose mission is to optimize and enhance the Protocol. The Angle DAO is responsible for parameters tuning, deploying new stablecoins, accepting new collateral types for a given stablecoin, for treasury management and for protocol upgrades and integrations.

The Angle DAO is controlled by ANGLE holders through onchain votesAngle Improvements Proposals, also known as AIP. ANGLE holders must lock their tokens to receive veANGLE tokens (voting-escrowed ANGLE tokens), enabling them to discuss, propose, and vote to upgrade the Protocol.