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USD stablecoin
The DeFi Superconductor

Supercharge your DeFi journey with USDA, the most complete & reliable yield-bearing U.S. Dollar stablecoin


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Your gateway to all things dollar onchain

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USDA combines stability — maintaining a 1:1 parity with the U.S. Dollar — with transparency by leveraging blockchain technology

Individuals and institutions worldwide use USDA to:

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get into crypto without worrying about volatility

earn a yield

access the forex market onchain

pay their contributor

send money abroad

Harness onchain Dollar reliability


USDA is a multi-audited stablecoin designed to withstand adverse market conditions


It relies on innovative anti-depeg mechanisms based on cutting-edge stablecoin research


USDA's Asset Liability Management Committee, led by reserve management experts, ensures top-notch backing assessment

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Earn yield

  • Easily stake your USDA into Angle Protocol savings solution, called stUSD
  • Passively earn a native yield paid in USDA
  • The yield is generated by the assets the Angle Protocol holds in reserve
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Don't trust, verify


USDA is backed by secured debt and U.S. Dollar stable assets that can be tracked in real-time in the protocol reserves

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Every USDA can be instantly redeemed for any token used as collateral


Beyond stability, USDA is reinforced with a $0 equity buffer for an added layer of protection



Liabilities & Equity


Surplus Buffer: This is what would be left in the protocol if all stakeholders redeemed or repaid their USDA debt.

Get onboard easily

  • Buy USDA in a few clicks with little to no fees, with a credit card, a bank transfer or by swapping crypto assets
  • Borrow USDA effortlessly using your crypto assets, without the need to sell them
  • USDA is as liquid as USDC. Mint it, swap it, or redeem it in a few clicks. No fees, no slippage, no KYC
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Unfold the future, grounded in the Dollar

USDA is composable by nature and any integration can be permissionlessly built on top.

Get in touch if you're looking to build around Angle and USDA.


Need help?

  • A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency whose value is pegged to a certain currency, such as the U.S. Dollar or the Euro, or a commodity such as gold. While the price of most cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum fluctuates, a stablecoin gives its users the possibility to trade and hold value on the blockchain without being subjected to market volatility.

  • The stability of a stablecoin is ensured by the reserve backing it. When a new stablecoin is issued on the blockchain, assets are added in its reserves. Stablecoins are backed in various ways. Most are backed by fiat, meaning there's 1 dollar in reserve for each stablecoin. With Angle Protocol, USDA and EURA are over-collateralized: there's more value in assets in the reserves than the stablecoins in circulation. This equity buffer further enhances security.

  • There are various stablecoins pegged to different underlying assets, including the Dollar, Euro, Yuan, gold, silver, and more. Other differentiation criteria include the type of assets in the stablecoin reserves, like fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, or real-world assets. Furthermore, variations in functioning, whether centralized, decentralized, or algorithmic, also distinguish stablecoins. Additionally, certain stablecoins like USDA and EURA by Angle Protocol offer the potential to generate yield for their users.

  • Angle’s Dollar stablecoin USDA stands out as the most complete and reliable USD stablecoin, supported by a robust and innovative Price Stability Module. USDA is over-collateralized, decentralized and transparent, enabling anyone to verify its reserves in real-time. Furthermore, USDA generates yield for its users and facilitates competitive pricing when exchanging USD for Euro onchain.

  • Users can get USDA, Angle's Dollar stablecoin, by swapping their assets on the Angle app or decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like 1inch. It is also possible to acquire USDA by borrowing it against a variety of collaterals.

  • When users own crypto like USDA, they have two keys: a public key for receiving funds and a private key for signing transactions. If the private key is shared or compromised, they risk losing access to their funds.

    Users can manage their USDA with online or offline wallets. Online wallets, or hot wallets, store the private key on internet-connected devices like smartphones, vulnerable to attacks. In contrast, offline wallets, also known as hardware wallets, keep the private key offline in a secure environment.

    Angle Protocol recommends using the Ledger crypto wallet, the industry-leading hardware wallet, to secure USDA. Ledger ensures robust security with private keys stored on a military-grade security chip and requires a PIN code for access. With complete isolation between private keys — kept on the hardware wallet — and users' computer or mobile device when interacting with crypto service & DApp, the Ledger Ethereum wallet keeps keys safe, granting full control over USDA.