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Introducing stEUR

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of stEUR on Ethereum, a Euro Savings solution, powered notably by the Real-World Assets the protocol has in the reserves behind agEUR. Initial yield is set to 4%, paid in agEUR, but it will be regularly updated based on the utilization of the contract.

3 min read - by Angle Labs

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Why can Angle offer better Euro yields?

Angle is a profitable protocol with an equity that is growing everyday. How can it still offer a Euro yield for its stakeholders that is higher than what is offered in TradFi settings without taking inconsiderate risks?

4 min read - by Sogipec

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Understanding the balance sheet of stablecoin protocols

A balance sheet is the single most important element to understand in the glimpse of an eye the risks you're taking when dealing with a stablecoin. Let's dive in and analyze the main components within the balance sheet of ALL stablecoins systems.

8 min read - by Sogipec

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What happens if Angle goes bankrupt?

Just like before putting money in a bank or financial institution, the question of what happens in case of insolvency is important when choosing to deal with a DeFi protocol. It tells you what to expect when the unexpected happens, and it's also a nice hint on how serious the protocol is about its security and about protecting its investors. What does Angle have prepared for if it becomes under-collateralized?

7 min read - by Sogipec

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What risks do you take when you interact with Angle?

DeFi protocols, like all financial systems, come with their own set of risks. Thanks to the transparency enabled by the blockchain standard, it's possible to make these risks clear and understandable by anyone. Yet, as of today, there are really few examples of protocols which manage to communicate clearly about their risks. This needs to change, and at Angle we aim at being leaders on this aspect.

10 min read - by Sogipec