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agEUR rebrands to EURA

1 min read - by Noé Caporal

EURA is the new name for the agEUR stablecoin. With this rebranding, Angle's Euro stablecoin aligns with industry standards, thereby enhancing its recognizability.
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EURA is now the new name for the Euro stablecoin of the Angle Protocol.

The rebranding of agEUR to EURA is a pivotal step in Angle's commitment to streamlining and improving the usability of DeFi.

With EURA, Angle's Euro stablecoin aligns with the naming convention used by the major stablecoin projects in the industry, thereby enhancing its recognizability. The removal of "ag" before “EUR” further mitigates confusion with staking or structured products.

The logo remains unchanged.

The name of the stEUR token in the Angle Savings product remains unchanged.

The rebranding has been voted by the Protocol Governance on early March.

All Angle Protocol touchpoints (website, social, docs, etc) have been updated to reflect these changes. We are now encouraging all of our integrators in refreshing their platforms to reflect the new name.

Note: The existing token address remains the same. We will not be introducing a separate token.