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Onchain Euro, endless possibilities

Discover agEUR, the most liquid and scalable Euro stablecoin


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Your gateway to open finance


agEUR is an unbiased global currency available to anyone across many different chains.

Individuals and institutions from all around the world are using agEUR to:

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earn a yield.

pay their contributors.

get a foot in crypto without being exposed to volatility.

Don’t compromise on security


agEUR is an all-weather, multi-audited stablecoin able to withstand adverse market conditions.


It is backed by secured collateral and Euro stable assets.


agEUR isn't just stable, it is fortified with a 0€ equity buffer for an added layer of holder protection.



Liabilities & Equity


Surplus Buffer: This is what would be left in the protocol if all stakeholders redeemed or repaid their agEUR debt.

Harness the reliability of the Euro


agEUR design incorporates robust anti-depeg mechanisms based on cutting-edge stablecoin research.


Every agEUR can be trustlessly and instantly redeemed for collateral.


Track the collateral reserves behind agEUR in real-time. With Angle, transparency isn't a feature, it's a foundation.

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Get onboard easily

  • agEUR is liquid and available to buy in few clicks with little to no fees, with a simple credit card or bank transfer or with your crypto assets.
  • Seamlessly borrow agEUR thanks to your crypto assets. No need to sell you crypto to get agEUR.
  • With stEUR, the Angle savings solution, earning a yield from your agEUR has never been this easy.
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Unfold the future, grounded in the Euro

agEUR is composable by nature and any integration can be permissionlessly built on top.

Get in touch if you're looking to build around Angle and agEUR.